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Help Save Children in Pakistan

Cool Story - Help Save Children in Pakistan

Pakistan, often known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a large country in South Asia with a predominance of Muslims. It was established as a result of the 1947 division of British India. As a result of the civil war that broke out in 1971, Bangladesh became an independent state in the country's eastern region.

Continual political upheaval, bloodshed, and economic stagnation have hampered Pakistan's progress, and its relationships with its neighbors India and Afghanistan are frequently tense. Due to its frequent vulnerability to flooding, cyclones, and drought, the nation is also one of the most vulnerable to climate change.

Recent flooding has caused a tragic loss of life and is the worst flooding to hit Pakistan in decades.

With nearly 33 million people affected, including 11 million children, the situation has been referred to by the government as a "climate disaster... of inconceivable dimensions."

An international leader, Save the Children, works to protect children and their communities from climate-related disasters, get them ready for them, and help them recover once they occur. Your gift today helps to further this life-saving effort. To get involved with the causes you care about, like the climate crisis, through your monthly donation, join Team Tomorrow or make a one-time donation to the Children's Emergency Fund.

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Deadly Flooding in Pakistan: 5 Things to Know

1. The deadliest flash floods to hit Pakistan in decades have devastated more than 33 million people throughout the country.

2. More than 1,300 individuals have died, including roughly 500 children. 12,000 more people have sustained injuries.

3. Monsoon rains caused flash flooding that drowned thousands of homes and washed cities and villages away. Families that have lost everything urgently need shelter, food, clean water, hygiene products, and medical attention.

4. Since the floods, the number of individuals going hungry has increased alarmingly by 45%. More than 8.6 million people currently experience food insecurity at a crisis or emergency level, with the bulk of them living in flood-affected areas.

5. In the Khyber Pakhtunkhawa flood-affected district of Swat, Save the Children offers families immediate aid and staffs two medical camps where they treat children with life-threatening flood-related illnesses. On October 3, we had about 40,000 people, including nearly 20,000 children, in our audience.

Your donation to the Children's Emergency Fund today enables our teams to attend to the most critical need of kids affected by the tragedy.

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Challenges for Children in Pakistan

Every child has a right to a healthy, educated, and secure childhood. Pakistani children need your assistance to fulfill their rights and realize their potential in the face of violence, poverty, high rates of infant and child mortality, hunger, and illiteracy. Tragically, Pakistan has one of the top 10 highest rates of premature births.

In comparison in the United States, 1 child in 14 dies before turning 5 years old.

• 38% of kids are stunted as a result of malnutrition.

• 53% of girls (age 15 and older) struggle with reading and writing, and 35% of children are not in school.

• 1 in 26 girls (ages 15 to 19) who get married have children.

• Of every 100,000 children, 6 are killed.

• 30% of people are considered poor.

Results for Children in Pakistan

Thanks to people like you, Pakistan has made considerable strides in eliminating child labor and marriage in recent years. Over 19,000 Pakistani youngsters were reached by our combined efforts last year.

• 1,000 nourished and healthy children

• 2,000 educated and empowered kids

• 9,000 kids are safe from harm.

• 86,000 kids are rescued from poverty.

Save the Children Work in Pakistan

Thanks to your support, Save the Children was able to launch its response program for Afghan refugees in Pakistan in 1979. They currently offer child rights, development, and humanitarian response initiatives as a top charity for kids in Pakistan. In addition to gender equality, their goals include children's health and nutrition, education, protection, and disaster response and preparedness. The government, civil society, and local groups are all partners in their work. They promote the rights of children.

Here are a few examples of our most recent work:

A healthy start in life

They're gathering data on a new lung ultrasound technique that has the potential to transform pneumonia diagnosis and save lives by detecting pneumonia in low-resource situations.

They collaborate closely with partners and government health systems to support public health facilities and enhance family planning and care.

To determine the main impediments and facilitators to a mother's ability to undertake Kangaroo Mother Care and the viability of establishing and enhancing these practices, they conducted a study.

They are considerably enhancing the health of mothers and newborns through financial transfers as part of their Resourcing Families for Better Nutrition method, which has led to a 6% decrease in malnutrition-related wasting.

The opportunity to learn

Using their Literacy Boost strategy, they have demonstrated a 30% improvement in reading comprehension among Pakistan's most vulnerable kids, including girls and kids from low-income households.

Additionally, they've demonstrated a 25% improvement in fundamental math abilities with Numeracy Boost, with the largest effects for kids from the lowest socioeconomic groups.

Previous emergency responses

When approximately one-fifth of Pakistan drowned in floods caused by the relentless monsoon in 2010, they were there to support the people of Pakistan. They stayed to assist children and families with long-term recovery, rebuilding, and rejuvenation.

How to Help Children in Pakistan and Around the World

For children in Pakistan, you may make a difference that lasts a lifetime in a variety of ways.

1. Donate

Aid the cause of Save the Children. Donate to support the development of healthy, educated, and secure young people in Pakistan and around the world.

2. Sponsor a Child

In a child's life, be the hero. Sponsorship affects children's lives, families, and communities in a long-lasting way.

3. Shop Gift Catalog

Give a thoughtful donation that will change the lives and futures of children in Pakistan and beyond. Everyone can find something here!

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