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Five good things in trucking: A spotlight on driver appreciation

Cool Story - Five good things in trucking: A spotlight on driver appreciation

Sunday, September 11 was the start of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, a weeklong celebration that honors the men and women in this sector who transport the resources and goods that Americans need.

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, this weekly feature was started to highlight a sector of the economy that couldn't operate from home. They want to honor the individuals, fleets, companies, and others who are actively influencing the global trucking industry.

Catharine, incidentally, left them at FleetOwner back in February, although she stayed in the trucking business. She was a member of a significant fleet's communication staff.

Trucking's benefits (and drawbacks)

Last year at this time, almost all truck drivers could still sense Americans' gratitude. According to a Truckstop survey of 500 professional truck drivers in 2022, two out of every three drivers believe that their employment is appreciated. The same survey conducted in 2021 revealed that 96% of drivers felt valued.

Truckstop CEO Kendra Tucker says, "Every day, they value the everlasting dedication made by their nation's truck drivers to keep the country going and are thankful for the sacrifices they make day in and day out."