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WeVersity.org - 100% Free Education, Coaching and Training to All

Cool Story - WeVersity.org - 100% Free Education, Coaching and Training to All

WeVersity.org is a non for profit organization to provide 100% free education, coaching and training to all the deserving people from around the world. WeVersity organization just started in February of 2021 and already has a series of students of all ages from around the world. Here is a marketing campaign being run by them in Asia. 

WeVersity.org Auto Marketing

Here is what we found about this organization from their website. 

Education that enables to earn and elevates individuals is the root solution for almost all the problems. WeVersity.org purpose is to provide free education, coaching, and employment to all the people in need. It is important to address the symptoms and it is very encouraging that thousands of charities are trying to focus on those symptoms such as poverty, education, health etc. but WeVersity.org wants to focus on the root cause of all the problems. The goal of WeVersity.org is to provide free education with personal coaching and training to less fortunate people and provide them employment so these people can start earning and be able to live happily.


We believe Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, and Mahatma Gandhi all three above are correct; Education is the best tool to change the world and improve lives. Our organization will provide that education along with coaching and training which will enhance the lives of millions of people and will help them earn living respectfully.

Free Education & Training to Get You Ready

WeVersity.org provides 100% free education to all the students from all over the world. There are so many free training sites but what makes WeVersity.org unique is that we match each student with a professional coach who guides the student to the success. We believe that a coach and mentor can make the student journey a lot easier and that is why coaches work with students from the moment they apply. Coaches review their resume and have one and one meeting with the students to understand their strengths and weaknesses and based on that, coaches come up with a course syllabus for the students and help them to achieve those courses. Our training courses consist off following subjects and every week new courses are being added to our site:

a)    English as a Second Language (ESL)

This course helps students improve their business English writing skills.


b)    Business Ethics:

This course teaches students on how to perform the freelancing jobs professionally and with full integrity.


c)    Social Media Management

This course is designed to enable students start managing social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. This course is one of the easiest ways for students to start earning money.


d)    Data Entry

This course teaches data entry skills to students & enables them to perform data entry free jobs.


e)    Graphic Design

Graphic design course teaches students on how to start making immediate money through small graphic design jobs such as logo, website, social media content etc.


f)      Career Services/Resume/Cover Letter:

Our coaches work with students to teach them on how to improve their chances of getting a job by providing them free of cost career service skills such as resume and cover letter etc.

The above are just few of the courses WeVersity.org offers and new courses are being added on weekly basis. To become a student, please click below and register yourself for the upcoming session https://weversity.org/register

Free Coaching to Guide You to Success

There are many sites that offer online learning & employment but unfortunately people going through crisis need a coach or a mentor who can guide them to success. Most of these sites are paid and most people don’t have the resources or proper guidance to know what first step to take. At www.WeVersity.org, we understand the need for a coach who can properly guide individuals by understanding their backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses and to provide encouragement during training. These mentors & coaches can help people during the initial phases of getting a job. Our website connects people going through crises with coaches from the same backgrounds so these coaches can communicate with them in a better way and help individuals become the most successful they can be. Here is the complete cycle of our project:

Our coaches and trainers are from all over the world. These are talented individuals and have been successful in their own lives and have plenty of experience in their respective fields. We are constantly adding coaches to our site and focusing on those professionals who have the experience and desire to give back to society and help transform the lives of others. As we are a worldwide organization, we want to have coaches with diverse backgrounds so that they can easily communicate and associate themselves with individuals and can train them better. To become a coach at WeVersity.org, please email to admin@weversity.org or simply fill out a brief form by clicking here https://weversity.org/register

Free Employment Help to Get You Financially Stable

WeVersity.org goal is to train individuals so they can start earning within a very short time period. We focus on those courses which are easy to learn and allow individuals to be able to work remotely.


Here are some examples of courses and jobs at WeVersity.org. Our goal is to provide individuals with education, coaching, and training so that they can either get jobs locally, through our website or through any other platform on the web. Here are some examples of the jobs these individuals can perform:


Graphic Design

Logo, game art, UI & UX, streamers, storyboards, web & mobile, wireframes, social media designs, postcards, catalogs, menu, business products, invitations, portraits, cartoons, caricatures, comics, business cards, resume, vector tracing, stationery, illustrations, commercial & business patterns, posters, flyers, book design & layout, albums, covers, packaging, fashion, tattoos, signage, web banners, Photoshop editing, architecture, landscape, buildings, landscaping, character modeling, trade booth, T-shirts and clothing designs, 3D, jewelry, presentations, infographics, car and automotive

Writing & Translations

General / Other Writing, Translation, Articles & News, Editing & Proofreading, Web Content, Industry Specific Expertise, Books, Research,    Copywriting, Academic, Transcription, Scripts / Speeches / Storyboards,   Technical, Reviews & Testimonials, Songs & Poems, Jobs / Resumes,   Grants & Proposals, Instructional Design / E-learning, Concepts / Ideas / Direction


Web Development & Design, Programming & Software, Apps & Mobile,    Database Design & Administration, Networking, Hardware & System Admin, Math / Algorithms / Analytics, Web / Digital Marketing    Management / Leadership / Training, QA & Testing, Information Security,   ERP / CRM / SCM, Technical Support, Concepts / Ideas / Documentation, Game Development, Telephony / Telecommunications, SAP, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), software training etc.


Data Entry, Microsoft Office Software, Word Processing & Typing, Personal / Virtual Assistance, Spreadsheets & Data Manipulation, Customer Service,

Web Research & Posting, Presentation Design, Bookkeeping & Finance, Email / Chat / Conferencing, Transcription, Planning & Scheduling, Health & Medical

Mailings & Lists, Legal Assistance


The above are just some examples as there are hundreds of other categories and sub-categories including audio, sales & marketing, business & finance, light engineering, counseling, tutoring, legal support, education, speech, assistance etc. which can all be taught very easily and quickly.


WeVersity.org is also launching a dedicated job portal WeJob.org. Once individuals will complete their education and training from WeVersity.org, these people will be able to work through WeJob.org site. Individual working through WeJob.org will be able to make more money than other freelancing platform as we are a non-profit organization and will not charge these certified students any fees to work on WeJob.org. To donate to our organization, please visit their website WeVersity.org



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