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Bringing more trees to Lancaster city and year-end letters of thanks

Cool Story - Bringing more trees to Lancaster city and year-end letters of thanks

Ad Crable, an outdoors columnist, discussed the significance of Cody Kiefer, Lancaster City's first urban forester, in a column that appeared in the Sunday LNP | LancasterOnline Sports section on Christmas Day.

According to Crable, "Lancaster is committed to conserving and enhancing its tree canopy, which is why Kiefer has been hired to a full-time role." It seeks to persuade the public that plants are vital by greatly expanding the 12,300 trees and shrubs that are already present along 120 km of streets and in city parks.

That, in our opinion, is a fantastic endeavour. And we believe that the decision made by the city to hire Kiefer a year ago was a wise one.

More trees in the metropolis imply more contaminants are being removed from the air and water, as Crable explained.

Additionally, more trees provide greater shade, which can lower the cost of air conditioning, which contributes to higher summer electricity costs. Additionally, adding more trees can increase property values, which is something we believe everyone can support.

And there's more. Trees, shrubs, and their roots collect rainwater and divert some of it away from storm drains where it can overflow into sewage systems. That's good news for the Conestoga River and the Chesapeake Bay's well-being.

Kiefer informed Crable that "there's a lot going on with trees in the city these days." According to the proposal, losing trees would be a serious loss for the city.

"Trees for People: An Action Plan for Lancaster City's Urban Forest," which was approved by Lancaster City Council in late 2020, is the programme he's referring to.

There is a significant possibility for improvement, which is why the plan and Kiefer's role both exist. There is room to grow if you'll excuse the pun.

About 23% of the city's streets and parks have a tree canopy, according to aerial and satellite photography. According to a survey, there are trees across 14% of Lancaster's roadways and sidewalks, and the average distance between them is 180 feet. 50 feet between trees might be a better target.

If city inhabitants are prepared to plant trees on their properties, there is space to double the number of trees in the city, according to Kiefer, Crable said.

The city has allocated $500,000 from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 toward the programme, so that money is available to help make some of this happen.

But property owners will also need to join in. In Pennsylvania, it is up to individual property owners to decide if they want a tree in front of their house or apartment building. The city must therefore assist in persuading them.

"The only long-term solution is for individuals to declare that they support the trees and want them in their communities. I value it, and I don't want to lose them," Kiefer said to Crable. "I want to be able to assure folks that it will be worthwhile in the end.

Letters of thanks

Another round of thank-you notes from the community arrived on Christmas Day and was printed in the Perspective section that day. They provide the most accurate picture of the compassion and character of Lancaster County citizens, and we always love reading them.

One of the highlights, as Diana Wolf of Lancaster Township described in her letter, was the kind Samaritan who bought a sizable quantity of frozen corn for Millersville Meals on Wheels.

Speaking of groceries, Mary Miller of Landisville also related the endearing tale of two straight shoppers who paid for the groceries of the people in line behind them at the grocery store. Paying it forward in an instant.

Miller wrote, "I'm grateful I was able to receive and also deliver a blessing to someone."

Find methods to bring joy, hope, and encouragement to someone who needs to know that others care this holiday season.

Of course, the holiday season isn't necessary to perform kind gestures and spread cheer. As frequently noted in this space, our youth perform kind gestures throughout the year.

The Ephrata Middle School and Ephrata High School wrestling teams performed some community service despite the inclement weather, as Belinda Thomas of Ephrata noted in her letter of gratitude.

The 19th of November was a bitterly cold, windy, and sunny day, according to Thomas. "The students visited with the homeowners when they got to the houses to figure out what needed to be done.”

The majority of the afternoon was spent raking and collecting leaves. How wonderful it is to get to know these young men. I'd want to thank the coaches of both wrestling teams, the booster club, and the homes that benefited from this good deed.

With incidents like these occurring often in our communities, the years 2023 and beyond appear to be promising.

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